Remember those times on Snapchat when I would share my beauty finds and routines with you? Over the years, I've come across invaluable tips and hidden gems that truly enhance our daily lives. They're not just about looking good, but feeling empowered and brimming with confidence from within. I've always believed in sharing what's good, and I can't wait to keep doing that with all of you.

Even before the launch of my online store on September 2th, many of you reacted to my shares, whether it was about products, routines, or small habits that make all the difference. Your feedback, your messages... They all reassured me that we're all in search of these little "extras" to thrive more in our daily lives.

From Snapchat to my online store, the journey has been filled with emotions and discoveries. And it's all thanks to you, your support, that this dream has come to life. My ambition wasn't just to showcase products but more importantly, to share a life philosophy, an approach to well-being that we all aspire to.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, for supporting me, and above all, for being an integral part of this wonderful quest towards a more fulfilled life.